An Ultimate Guide On AdSpy Features + AdSpy Free Trial 2021

Facebook and Instagram have become the fastest developing advertising platforms. Though the competition is relatively high, becoming a successful Facebook PPC advertiser is what everyone aims for. If you are looking for an efficient way to be ahead of your competitors, Facebook advertising spy tools like AdSpy could help you. Today let’s discuss this amazing tool. It offers a $150 AdSpy Coupon Code for a limited time! So don’t miss this great opportunity to explore AdSpy at lower price. Apply code MEGADSPY now!

AdSpy + AdSpy Free Trial

AdSpy is the best Facebook ad intelligence tool available in the market. It is more affordable than any other spy tools. The AdSpy platform has the largest database of Facebook and Instagram ads with as many as 94+ million ads and more than 15+ million customers from 203 countries worldwide.

AdSpy provides you the fresh creatives and all possible ways to make your Facebook ad campaigns successful. If you wish to explore AdSpy before you can actually pay for it, make use of our AdSpy Free Trial! Check out how it can help you to win the game. Use code AFF75 today!

Advanced Features of AdSpy

AdSpy has the most impressive and unique features that help you to uncover any ads & get insights on all your competitors’ Facebook ad campaigns. The following are the incredible features of AdSpy.

Enhanced Basic Search

Enhanced Basic Search

Once you create an AdSpy account and login into your dashboard, the first thing you will see is a search box, plus other variations to use to search for your ads. The tool will allow you to search for ads by offering several filter options like Ad text, Gender, Daily Likes, Age, Last seen, Affiliate Offers, Affiliate ID, Total Likes, Language, Country, Landing Pages, and so on.

AdSpy is the most powerful ad spy tool that will give you data that you never knew you had access to, such as when the ad was last seen, how prospects reacted to it, the long-running ones, etc.

Search Through Comments

This is one of the most powerful search settings that many marketers are unaware of. If you are using spy tools that show you ad results only based on the regular search query, then you may be missing out on a huge chunk of the audience that has been right in front of you: the ones in the comments section.

The thing is, for every comment made under an ad, the user has marked such an ad for you to find. With Adspy, you can search through the comments section of ads to monitor your competitor’s brand. Doing this will let you see the ones that have positive feedback and the ones with negative ones. So you will get to know what products to sell and what not to sell.

Accurate Demographics + AdSpy Free Trial

Accurate Demographics + AdSpy free Trial

AdSpy has an unrivaled network of contributors. With that, AdSpy can accurately assess who an ad is trying to target based on their location, gender, and age range. The tool can show you the exact details of all your competitors dominating regions, that you haven’t yet considered. It is such an incredible tool.

As a newbie, you will want to test AdSpy before you commit to it and that’s fine. You can do a test run by making use of AdSpy Free Trial. To get it, grab our exclusive $75 AdSpy CouponApply code ADSPY75 on signup.

Calling Affiliates

Calling Affiliates

AdSpy is an excellent platform created by affiliates for affiliates. Using AdSpy, you can easily find ads by an affiliate network, or search for precise affiliates and offers. To see how others are promoting ads you can search via the Offer ID. AdSpy will also help you to bypass the cloakers and hence it provides all the insights flawlessly and straight from the landing pages.

Massive Data

AdSpy has the largest pool of data. It is based upon one of the most substantial databases of ads you can find: 94 million+ ads, 88 different languages, across 203 countries. You can easily find the hottest and trending dropshipping products. AdSpy works based on the AI intelligence with which it can know the kickass products even before anyone would know.

Rapid Interface

Rapid interface

AdSpy has a clean, user-friendly, and intelligent interface. You’ll glide through vast amounts of data until you have exactly what your campaign needs. You can search throughout the massive database & get results in no time. Its well-presented data ensures that nothing can slow your research.


Overall, Adspy is a great tool for spying on your competitors regardless of whether you are a dropshipper or you own an eCommerce store. You can use the AdSpy Free Credits today to scroll through and check out its capabilities. Apply code AFFSAVE.